TheThe Wildlife Trusts Logore is increasing need and pressure for companies in the UK and around the world to reduce their carbon footprint in a bid to mitigate the causal factors of climate change. For this reason, and the fact that we genuinely care about nature and the environment, we aim to be fully carbon neutral by 2018.

We are achieving this by offsetting our carbon – a very difficult task in the transport industry as vehicles are constantly emitting fumes into the environment. Many companies offset their carbon by using offshore wind-farm projects, for example in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. At EcoSpeed, we believe that it is more environmentally responsible to offset locally and invest in the environment surrounding our own towns and cities, making the place we call home a nicer place to live and work..

For this reason, we are very proud to partner with one of the UK’s leading conservation charities, The Lancashire Wildlife Trust, who are working hard with us to reach carbon neutral status. Each month a percentage of our turnover goes to them so that they can invest it in various North West based carbon offsetting projects.

wildlifeTo be more precise, the money goes directly to the purchase and restoration of local peat bogs and mosslands such as those around Chat Moss, on the border of Manchester and Warrington. This area is the North West’s equivalent of a rainforest but has been historically destroyed by peat extraction for the cultivation industry. In the North West there are 840 hectares of mosslands that can be restored as carbon sinks, with the potential to absorb the carbon footprints of 25,657 people. Within the first two years of the partnership, EcoSpeed restored mossland habitats with a carbon absorption value of 167 tonnes of carbon, something we are immensely proud of.

Our whole approach to business takes into account the environment at every step of the way, from using recycled paper and green ink for any of our printing, to reducing our energy bills within our office space. Documentation is e-mailed rather than sent by post where possible. This not only helps to save on paper and ink but also helps avoid unnecessary transportation throughout the UK postal system, which has a huge carbon footprint.

Given the nature of our business, we emit fumes from our vehicles and this in turn has a negative effect on the environment. To counteract this we are consistently investing in low emission vehicles, including those that run off LPG and bio-fuel. Most of our diesel vehicles have been re-mapped or speed limited to reduce emissions by up to 27%, thus having less impact on the environment. We are currently testing the suitability of electronic vehicles within our operation so that we can maintain a greener courier service.

Every day we make further steps towards our goal of being 100% carbon neutral so by choosing us as your preferred carrier you can be sure that you are reducing your own carbon footprint, reducing climate change and creating a positive legacy for the area and the communities in which we live and work.


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