The Top 5 Lake District Walking Destinations


06th July 2021

In the society we live in today, we are surrounded by technology which is advancing at a rapid pace and because of this we can forget to appreciate the planet we live on. 

The Earth is filled with numerous wonders in many different countries, and in the United Kingdom, one of those is lakeside views. Lakeside views are stunning spots which capture the true beauty of nature, and we want to share our favourite views throughout the country.

Scafell Pike

Located in the Lake District’s southern hills, Scafell Pike is the highest mountain in England and when you reach the top there is no feeling like it, you’re literally – on top of the world (well, England!) Don’t be fooled, climbing Scafell Pike is no easy challenge, so we strongly advise you to eat a good breakfast and wrap up warm because it’s going to be a long walk.

Fortunately, due to the massive landscape there are numerous routes you can take to reach the highest point, however, we exercise caution as whatever season you decide to embark on your journey, you must prepare. It’s crucial to do this because the weather can change throughout the day constantly, and if you go during the autumn/winter months – this will be tough.

The weather in this season can be challenging due to the rain, high winds, snow, extreme cold and poor visibility. So, as long as you ensure you pack the right equipment with you and wear the correct clothes you will be fine – always be wary of the rain! Even though their planning and preparation before beginning your trip, you will no doubt love every second of it.

There are many reasons why people enjoy long walks around the lake district, and one of them is the sense of freedom you receive. In the hills you are away from all the drama, hassle and stress back home, so it’s a great opportunity to blow off some steam hidden away in the mountains.

Aira Force

If you’re looking for a lovely romantic walk, then look no further than Aira Force. The pathways that are available for you all surround beautiful waterfall trails which are without question – a site for sore eyes. Just gazing upon the stunning waterfalls is an attraction in itself, but we do advise you to wear the correct clothing in case you do get a little wet.

All of the pathways that you can walk on are well-guided, with plenty of signs to keep you aware of any potential dangers. Not only is this view perfect for a cute stroll with your partner, but also for families too. All families are welcome to enjoy the fabulous walks that are on offer, and dogs are permitted.

If you do decide to bring your dog, just make sure that they are well behaved and are kept on a lead, as red squirrels and sheep are permanent fixtures in the area. If you wish to see a variety of wildlife during your walk then we suggest you visit off-peak. During quieter times there won’t be any crowds, and the walks will be more peaceful, meaning you will get the chance to see the squirrels and birds in full flight.

If you make the mistake of not bringing any food or drink with you, then don’t panic – there is a tea room on site serving hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, hot pasties and more. A big tip from us: grab a pastie and a hot brew once you’ve completed the walk, this will feel so deserved and you’ll know you have accomplished a big task!

Surprise View

Amazing views can be hard to come by in towns and villages, but as soon as you leave that environment and into the country – the Lake District gets a lot bigger and beautiful. We must thank mother nature for the stunning sites we get to see all over the country, and it’s our job to protect and respect the beauty that’s in front of us.

If you’re after a spectacular view, then you’re in the right place. The Surprise View overlooks some of the most impressive parts of the Lake District, these include the town of Keswick, Derwentwater Lake and Bassenthwaite Lake. The phenomenal drop point of the Surprise View was naturally formed by mother nature herself, as many years ago during the Ice Age a Glacier carved out the valley. 

The aftermath of the glacier impact is simply amazing, and we couldn’t recommend this spot highly enough. If you decide to visit during the winter, you’ll be lucky enough to see a sea of clouds in the valley – which enhances your experience even further. 


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Loughrigg Fell

Despite not being as tall as any other mountains on our list, this shouldn’t stop you visiting Loughrigg Fell. When you embark on your long walk in Loughrigg Fell, you’re constantly surrounded by stunning scenery and if you happen to be a photographer – then you have come to the right place!

Your journey begins at the nearby town called Ambleside, and from here you have the chance to explore a wilderness like no other. You will have the opportunity of a lifetime enjoying a lovely country walk through the hills, and the sights you get to view are all more than worth it. We must pre-warn you though, it’s going to be a long walk, so we advise you to stock up on food and water supplies before you set off, and once you’ve got them – you’re ready to go.

Whilst walking through the exquisite landscape, you will travel over the top of Loughrigg Fell, along the airy terrace and permissive path to Rydal Cave. The cave is a man made quarry and during the 19th century, it was at its peak in power as they produced high quality roofing slates for the whole country.

You are allowed to visit the cave, however, we must advise you to be cautious of the area, as it’s a very old and fragile environment, meaning blocks from the ceiling do fall off. Don’t let this put you off viewing the cave as it is an educational experience seeing how slates were produced during that era. Due to how popular this walk is, it can be very busy and parking can be a nightmare, so we suggest you visit during the off-holiday season, so you can enjoy it to the fullest.


Based in the heart of Cumbria, Buttermere offers what all areas of the Lake District do and much more. The area is surrounded by multiple mountains which enhances the scenery to make it even more beautiful to view.  Buttermere is considered one of the best corners of the Lake District, as many walkers love the low lying hills you can follow.

There are numerous paths you can follow in Buttermere, and we highly recommend you walk down an extensive one which runs around the lakesides of Buttermere. However, the path you follow suddenly takes a dramatic diversion as you will go through an underground tunnel below the Hassness area. 

For sure that is a neat adventurous walk you can try, but obviously the main attraction is to simply admire the fascinating reflections of the mountains on Buttermere’s surface. All the family are welcome to challenge the magnificent walks, but we advise you to be prepared for the weather and wrap up warm so you don’t catch a cold on your walk!


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So there you have it, our top 5 favourite lakeside views for you to visit in the Lake District. These are truly wonderful places for you to visit, and we must take advantage of the stunning scenery we have in our country – it must be appreciated.

If you happen to visit one of these brilliant hotspots, then feel free to get in touch with us and let us know how your day went there.

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