We are a Manchester based courier and transport service who adopt a greener approach to business. We recognise that our business operations have an impact on the environment and as such we are going through the motions of PAS2060, which is a standard to prove that we are carbon neutral. We already give 10% of our profits to the Lancashire Wildlife Trust, who invest this into their Carbon Capture program, which reduces our impact on the environment.

In addition to that, we are committed to:

• The protection of the environment
• The prevention of pollution.
• Compliance with all legal and other requirements related to the environment.
• Continual environmental improvement.
• Supporting environmental projects locally.
• Considering our environmental impact in relation to all business decisions.
• Working towards a position of carbon neutrality.

In order to achieve our commitment of continual environmental improvement, our objectives are to:
• Donate a percentage of our monthly turnover to the Lancashire Wildlife Trust to support their peat bog restoration work.
• Minimise office paper use through increased use of electronic communication.
• Use recycled paper and printing inks with a reduced environmental impact.
• Work in partnership with local recycling charities to recycle our office waste.
• Reduce energy consumption in our offices.
• Invest in our fleet to increase fuel efficiency and incorporate alternative fuels such as LPG and bio-fuels where appropriate.

Senior management will review this environmental policy on an annual basis and we will communicate it to:
• Staff at induction, via company noticeboards and the staff handbook.
• Visitors, customers and other interested parties by displaying it in Reception, making it available via our website and upon request







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