Our Vehicles

From small vans to articulated trucks

We have a wide range of vehicles on our fleet to meet the most demanding customer needs, ranging from the most efficient of small vans to HGV lorries for heavyweight haulage requirements.

Our van fleet includes small vans (SV), short wheel base transits (SWB), long wheel base transits (LWB), extra-long wheel base transits (XLWB) and Luton vehicles. For heavier, larger load requirements we have 7.5ton, 18ton, 26ton, articulated, flat bed, HIAB and Moffett Mounty vehicles available.

See the diagram below for the internal dimensions of each vehicle.


Small Van (SV)
  • Max Load 400kg
  • Height 1.0m
  • Length 1.5m
  • Width 1.2m
  • Width (Wheel Arches): 1.0m
  • Carries: 1 x Standard Pallet
Short Wheel Base (SWB)
  • Max Load 900kg
  • Height 1.3m
  • Length 2.3m to 2.4m
  • Width: 1.4m to 1.6m
  • Width (Wheel Arches): 1.25m
  • Carries: 2 x Standard Pallets
Long Wheel Base (LWB)
  • Max Load 1300kg
  • Height 1.75m
  • Length 3.2m to 3.6m
  • Width (Wheel Arches): 1.3m
  • Carries: 3 x Standard Pallets
Extra Long Wheel Base (XLWB)
  • Max Load: 1200kg
  • Height: 1.83m
  • Length: 4.0m to 4.2m
  • Width: 1.7m
  • Width (Wheel Arches): 1.3m
  • Carries: 4 x Standard Pallets
Luton Van
  • Max Load: 1200kg
  • Height: 2.0m
  • Length: 4.0m
  • Width: 2.0m
  • Carries: 6 x Standard Pallets
Luton Tail Lift
  • Max Load: 660kg
  • Height: 2.0m
  • Length: 4.0m
  • Width: 2.0m
  • Carries: 6 x Standard Pallets
XL Luton Curtainside
  • Max Load: 900kg
  • Height: 2.26m
  • Length: 4.8m
  • Width: 2.2m
  • Carries: 8 x Standard Pallets
7.5 Tonne Truck (7.5ton)
  • Max Load: 2800kg
  • Height: 2,2m
  • Length: 6.0m
  • Width: 2.4m
  • Carries: 10 x Standard Pallets
10 Ton Curtainside
  • Max Load: 5000kg
  • Height: 2.37m
  • Length: 6.1m
  • Width: 2.3m
  • Carries: 12 x Standard Pallets
18 Tonne Truck (18ton)
  • Max Load: 9000kg
  • Height: 2.20m
  • Length: 7.0m
  • Width: 2.4m
  • Carries: 14 x Standard Pallets
Artics / HGV’s
  • A variety of different
  • trailer sizes – call
  • us to discuss your
  • requirements.

As part of our continuous drive to reduce the impact of our operation on the environment we are constantly investing in new technology including fuel-efficient LPG vehicles and speed-restricted vehicles. Some of our existing diesel fleet have had their engine management systems re-mapped to reduce emissions by up to 27%.

If you require something more specialist, or a vehicle that is not listed, then please give our 24/7 Transport Office a call on 0845 021 0213 to discuss your requirements.

NOTE: All sizes are approximate guidelines, some vehicles may differ slightly in size.

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