Tips to improve your fuel economy


30th June 2022

Prices for fuel are higher than they’ve ever been for many years, and it’s impacted many people across the UK financially. Everybody is struggling with it, but there are certain things you can put in place to help get more miles per gallon, and overall be more efficient with your fuel.

Remove excess weight from the car

It might appear simple, but removing excess weight from your vehicle can be very beneficial for improving your fuel efficiency. The heavier your car is, the more fuel it requires to transport you from point A to B. If you’re driving long distances for a holiday then it’s understandable you’ll be packing heavy, however, be cautious that your car will be draining more fuel which will cost more money. 

Similarly, if you’re an avid bike rider and typically take your bike on trips, keep in mind the extra load that this will be adding. Bike racks and roof boxes can add excessive weight and increase your fuel consumption. It may be worth considering if you can take your day trip a little closer to home, or leave the bike behind and rent one when you get to your destination.

Alternatively, if you’re driving to work or taking a day trip with the family, then you will not need to add more weight to the boot of the vehicle. The main culprits of excessive weight overload on a car are usually bike racks and roof boxes. If you enjoy bike riding often, you will have a negative effect on your fuel economy with more pressure and stress unloading onto your vehicle. Which greatly impacts the performance, and the potential need to refuel more often.

excessive car weight

Check your tyres 

A big contribution to the downfall of fuel efficiency is the tyres on a vehicle. If your tyres do not have the correct air pressure it can harm the mpg (miles per gallon) significantly. Regularly checking your tyre pressure is key to not only staying safe on the roads but ensuring that your car isn’t having to use more power to get to where it needs to be due to poorly maintained tyres. 

The tyres your car has can also contribute to your fuel efficiency. The European Commission categorises each tyre from A to G based on fuel efficiency, with A being the most fuel efficient. It may be worth checking what category your tyres are rated under.

Consider investing in an electric vehicle

Reducing your carbon emissions is becoming a hot topic – and rightly so. For too many years, we have allowed vehicles to consistently produce harmful emissions to the environment without any second thought. It’s become second nature, and there are multiple plans in place to resolve the issue.

Governments around the world are in agreement to reduce the number of fuelled cars in production at car manufacturers. They’ve set a goal for the majority of people in many nations to be driving electric cars by 2030, which is only 8 years away! This has of course increased the demand for electric cars to be made, but due to this, the prices have risen substantially, making them not affordable for the average folk.

We urge you to search for vehicles which meet the required emission rate as this will not only help the environment but your fuel economy too. Lots of drivers and corporate companies are beginning to see the advantages this gives them. You may have to pay more to begin with, however, in the long term, you will reap the benefits.

Switching to an electrical motor has many benefits, with the main factor being money saved long term. Unfortunately, nowadays to purchase an electrical car you have to pay a premium due to the increased demand, however, you start to save money as you recharge the battery. If you charge your car overnight the price drops significantly, so you’ll save more money than you realise.

At EcoSpeed, we are constantly looking for and acquiring new green technology which can significantly impact the environment, and boost our fuel economy too. If you’d like to learn how we reduce carbon emissions across our fleet, click here.

electric car

Ensure your vehicle is serviced correctly

A simple task that is overlooked more often than you could imagine, but ensuring your vehicle is serviced correctly can help to boost your fuel efficiency. First and foremost having a well-maintained car keeps you safe on the road which is a necessity no matter how long or short your journeys are. In addition, a properly maintained engine will be far more efficient and reliable than one that isn’t. 

Sticking to a regular service schedule will not only help to keep your car in good condition and make you a more economical driver, but it means that any issues can be spotted before they become a problem. You’ll have to pay a regular fee for services, but this is much more cost-efficient in the long term when it comes to fixing unexpected problems. Combined with the fuel-saving advantages, a well-functioning vehicle will save you time and money in the long run. 


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