Where to See Winter Wildlife in Lancashire


19th November 2021

Every day of the year we see hundreds of unique and stunning creatures in different wildlife regions all over the country, but Lancashire is well-known to house some of the best. During the winter months, the majority of animals are hibernating due to lack of food and cold temperatures, which is why it can be hard to spot certain animals.

However, we have conducted a list of places in Lancashire which you can enjoy and spot some magnificent animals in their habitat. 

Boilton, Nab, Redscar and Tunbrook Woods

Situated in Preston, Boilton Woods is home to many creatures within its impressive landscape. During the winter months, the scenery takes a sharp turn as once all of the leaves have fallen from the tree, the forest begins to look bare. 

Many animals roam this woodland area, amongst the trees if you look carefully enough you will spot foxes but be careful not to scare them away –  you must be quiet as they like to hide when there are people around. Also, you can find roe deer here too – marvelous creatures which are well-adapted to cold environments. 

Both of these animals benefit this environment immensely, as the deer is a herbivore they feed primarily on grass, plants, fruit etc, and foxes can help to protect young trees and aid forestry operations.If there wasn’t enough of one of them, then the ecosystem could be in danger as a lack of species disrupts the natural food chain. 

If Boilton Woods piques your curiosity and you would like to view the wonderful species that are there, then it’s fairly simple to reach this destination. This woodland is located just outside of Preston, and there is a simple route for you to follow wherever you’re travelling from. 

fox in the winter

Lunt Meadows

If you’re a massive fan of bird watching, then we have the perfect destination for you.. Lunt Meadows is filled with a variety of birds such as barn owls, short-eared owl, reed warbler and many more. During the summer, it’s easy to take seeing some of these birds for granted as they can be spotted most of the time.

However, it’s during the winter when you begin to appreciate them more, as the majority are hiding away trying to keep their chicks fed and warm in the nest. If you happen to visit this area during the early evening then we highly advise you to aim your sights high at the trees as this is where you will see the owls.

Owls are unique birds as they appear cute and cuddly, but they can be viscous if you’re not careful. Although they can act like this, it’s usually not in their common nature to do so, so don’t let this put you off wanting to see them. If you’re interested in visiting Lunt Meadows then you’re in luck because it’s easy to find and accessible to the public. Follow this route on Google Maps and it will lead you to the destination.

owl sitting on post

Wigan Flashes Local Nature Reserve

The Wigan Flashes Local Nature Reserve is equally as stunning in the winter as it is during the summer. Yes, during the warm months you will be able to witness wildlife thrive with the sun in the sky, but when the heat disappears and the temperature begins to drop – survival of the fittest begins for the animals.

In the winter, many animals can struggle to survive due to lack of food. But witnessing the lack of wildlife makes you appreciate nature even more as the animals can struggle just as much as humans can in harsh conditions. This reserve is perfect for birdwatchers to visit and they will be able to view many birds floating through the woodland and surrounding area.

Birds hibernate well during the cold months as they build strong nests which are very impressive, however if they weren’t able to do this it would cause a disruption to the food cycle and this is why birds greatly benefit the environment. If you’re a new or existing birdwatcher and this local nature reserve in Wigan appeals to you, then pop on down – it’s easy to travel to as it’s just south of Wigan town centre. 

So if you know the area well you should be able to find it, if not follow these instructions.

Aughton Woods

If you’re looking to spot adorable animals this winter in their natural habitat, then Aughton Woods is the place for you. Otters are glorious mammals due to their furry appearance and cuddly nature, but unfortunately in the past they were on the brink of survival due to habitat destruction and other factors.

Thankfully, many organisations made huge improvements to the quality of water and banned harmful chemicals from entering their habitat. Now, they thrive in many places and greatly impact their surrounding environment. Especially in Aughton Woods which seems to be a hotspot for them. During the winter, you can spot the shy otters along the river which is a wonderful sight to see for the whole family.

If you’re interested in visiting the wonderful otters at Aughton Woods, then no need to worry – we have the directions in place for you. This woodland beauty is based in Aughton and is five miles north east of Lancaster. 

If you enjoyed reading about the fabulous wildlife you can see this winter in Lancashire, then be sure to get in touch and let us know what you thought!

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