EcoSpeed Wins Natural Carbon Capture Scheme Award


20th December 2013

This week, we are proud to receive an award from the Lancashire Wildlife Trust for donations made to the Trust of more than £5,000 which we have achieved by regularly donating 10% of our monthly profits to the Trust’s Natural Carbon Capture Scheme.

Natural Carbon Capture Scheme

The scheme enables companies like us to compensate for our unavoidable carbon dioxide emissions and helps us work towards our target of being a carbon neutral business. Over the years, our donations have enabled the Trust to balance out over 167 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Certificate of Natural Carbon Capture 2013

Jay Knight, one of our directors, said: “Being part of Natural Carbon Capture is making a huge difference to business. Being a green business helped us in our early days and we have secured major clients, nationwide, on the back of our green credentials.

Right from the start I wanted the company to be involved in local projects to help the environment. A couple of us have volunteered and worked on the Trust’s nature reserve at Cadishead Moss.

Lancashire Wildlife Trust

The Natural Carbon Capture Scheme was set up by Lancashire Wildlife Trust in 2008, after the Trust took ownership and responsibility of the areas of peat bog within the region. These precious habitats lock in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and, with proper management and protection, can continue to do so forever. The Trust works to protect and restore these areas with the funding from the Natural Carbon Capture Scheme.

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