Our Carbon Absorption Value is now at 766 Tonnes of Carbon!


21st December 2016

We have just received our latest certificate from the Lancashire Wildlife Trust and we were quite knocked back by how much carbon we have potentially helped be absorbed back into the green spaces around Manchester. The sameday courier industry has a particularly large carbon footprint due to the nature of the job.

Environmentally friendly courier service

Often, a factory can be brought to a halt due to a part failure on a single machine, the costs can quickly spiral into 5 figures. Therefore some companies are happy to enlist our services to urgently transport small packages across the whole country. As you can see, it’s not the most economical or carbon friendly way of transporting goods, but it’s the quickest way of rectifying problems.

The impact on the environment is not something we are proud of, but this is where the Lancashire Wildlife Trust come in, to mitigate the impact we are having on the environment. As you can see from this certificate, we have restored mosslands with a carbon absorption value of 766 tonnes of carbon, a staggering number that we are immensely proud of. One more step in the direction of becoming Manchester’s first carbon neutral urgent courier!

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