EcoSpeed Sameday Couriers Questions and Answers

These Q & A details are in no particular order, if there are any missed off or you have any new suggestions please email to or call 0845 021 0213.

Q1. What type of vehicles do you have?

A1. We operate everything from small vans to articulated trucks and everything in between. View our vehicles here.

Q2. How much will it cost for my particular job?

A2. We calculate the price for every job based on the size of the vehicle required and the distance it has to travel, other costs such as waiting time may be added at the end of the job.

Q3. Will my goods be insured and if the answer is yes how much and what type of cover is it?

A3. All goods are fully insured for all risks up to the value of £35,000 of which will be subject to an excess. This excess is at the risk of the customer.

Q4. How do I know the goods I have to move will fit on your vans?

A4. If the customer is unsure what vehicle they require all they need to do is advise us of exactly what needs carrying, the dimensions and weight of the goods. We will estimate what you require.

Q5. How do your drivers ensure that the goods are loaded and packed safely?

A5. They will have had much experience in loading and packing but it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the individual items are wrapped and secure.

Q6. Will the driver trans­ship our goods into a hub or another vehicle?

A5. We do not normally trans­ship any customers goods as we operate a dedicated service, sometimes customers ask us to co load with other goods but this is only done in conjunction and with the permission of both parties.

Q7. Will you be able to pick up or deliver the goods from any of our branches which are located throughout the UK and Europe?

A7. We can pick up anywhere in the UK usually within the hour, we always advise if this is not possible, collections are able to be done in most European countries but this usually takes longer dependent on which country the collection is in and the availability of our vehicles there at that

Q8. Are you able to deliver our goods to more than one delivery address ie multi drop?

A8. We are able to do whatever the customer wants whatever it is. Multi drop can be done from 2 drops upward. The timings for multi­drop will depend on how many locations there are and where

Q9. If our customer wishes to send goods back to us after receiving a delivery will you charge for this, if yes what will be the cost?

A9. Customers may send goods back with the same driver by prior arrangement. The rate will be calculated at half the original cost back.

Q10. How do I pay for your services and are your prices subject to VAT?

A10. Firstly we don’t take cash. 99.9% of our customers have an account with us, we are factored through RBS Invoice Finance. All our invoices are plus VAT at 20%. You can also make a payment as a none account customer online via our pay­pal account.

Q11. Do you operate a timed delivery service and do you do an overnight or 2 to 3 days delivery service?

A 11. Yes we operate a timed delivery service however we don’t do what parcel and pallet companies normally do with their next day and 2 to 3 days delivery. All our charges are based on a same day delivery service however it is possible to load your goods at say 10 o’clock at night and deliver them at say 6am. This would still be charged as a same day delivery even though it is technically over 2 days.

Q12. What happens if the driver breaks down or is late at the collection or delivery point?

A12. For whatever reason the driver is late or breaks down we will endeavour to advise the customer of his expected time of arrival and keep them informed throughout the process.

Q13. Are you able to man handle our particular goods and will there be a cost for this?

A13. There are legal limits that a person can man handle, the maximum is 25kgs without mechanical help. If it is just one or two items or parcels of this weight then there will be no extra charges, the extra charges would be advised if there are a significant amount or they would need to be delivered in a place other than the goods in loading bay.

Q14. Where do you normally put the goods when they reach the delivery point?

A14. Our drivers are only insured to leave the goods at the goods in or loading bay. The goods could be required on another floor in which case a small extra charge will be levied.

Q15. My goods are classed as hazardous can you carry them?

A15. We can carry the limited quantity as specified for each individual product in vehicles that do not to be Haz Chem/ADR trained but for normal ADR/Hazardous loads we would use an approved sub contractor

Q16. If your driver is held up at the collection or delivery point will you charge for waiting time and what would this cost?

A 16. As a same day courier company the vast bulk of our jobs are very urgent so waiting doesn’t normally happen however we allow up to 30 minutes at either end before charging starts.

Q 17. If our goods can’t be delivered such as the place is closed when the driver gets to the delivery point what happens next?

A.17 The first thing we normally do is ring our customer and let them know what is going on. If it is a definite impossibility to deliver, the goods would be either stored at a local location, the storage costs are the responsibility of the customer or we would return the goods to sender which is also at the cost of the sender.

Q18. Are you able to supply 2 men if required?

A18. Yes you can have as many extra people as you require but they are at extra cost.

Q19. What does your “White Glove Service” consist of?

A19. It consists of a driver and a second man if required, A van which is clean on the outside and on the inside, Blankets, straps and packing to secure the goods. A driver and/or mate who is clean and tidy and whose footwear is clean, they may be required to wear over shoes within the delivery area. They must put the customers items wherever the customer wants them to. Packaging must be removed from the products and disposed of by the driver. For example if castors are required on an item of furniture the driver will have tools on board to fit them.

Q20. You claim to be Green, how is this so?

A20. Our vehicles are either run on LPG Gas, Bio Fuel or re­mapped diesel technology. Everything about our operation is green from re­cycling paper to of ice energy saving technology.

Q21. What charity things are you planning over the coming year?

A21. As Corporate sponsors of the Wildlife Trust we donate 10% of our profits into local conservation projects with a view to reducing our carbon footprint while setting the standard for greener logistics.

Q22. We need specialist unloading equipment at the delivery end, are you able to supply any equipment for this?

A22. It is normal at the collection end for the customer to provide loading facilities however at the delivery end some customers don’t have the specialist equipment to take the goods from a vehicle. We are able to supply Mof et vehicles which are fork lift trucks mounted at the back of a vehicle. These are normally only available on 26tonne and articulated trucks. We can also supply Hiab vehicles which are vehicles with a crane mounted on the back of a truck. Again these are usually mounted on bigger vehicles.

Q23. Do you operate chilled or refrigerated vehicles?

A23. We do not own any chilled or refrigerated vehicles but we can arrange deliveries on this type of vehicle through the network of operators that we are a member of.

Q24. Are you able to carry ambient food products or food related products such as packaging etc?

A24. Yes we are able to carry ambient (None frozen) food products and other related food products provided that there will be no cross contamination and the vehicle is clean.

Q25. If we don’t want the company at the delivery end to know where the goods were picked up will that be possible?

A25. We can be as discreet as the customer requires. We do this all the time.

Q26. Are you able to arrange a motorbike courier?

A26. Yes we are.

Q27. Are you able to organise a bicycle courier?

A27. Yes we are

Q28. What are your office opening and closing times?

A28. Our offices are generally open from 8am to 5pm but you can contact us by phone anytime.

Q29. What are your office contact details?

A29. Our head office address is EcoSpeed. Milton Works, Mule St, Bolton. Lancs. BL2 2AR.

Q30. What are your telephone contact details?

A30. National number charged at local rates 0845 021 0213. Head office Bolton 01204 394714. Manchester branch 0161 877 4603, Warrington branch 01925 589064.

Q31. What are your email contact details?

A31. For sales enquiries it is, for bookings it is, to any member of staf the person themselves will give you their email. If you have any questions that aren’t on this list please phone or email at anytime.