Packaging guide: How to package your consignments


31st October 2022

Packaging your consignments may appear to be a chore for some, but it’s important we package them securely otherwise your goods risk getting damaged in transport.

In this article, we will provide you with a clear guide on how to package your consignments correctly. 

Using the right box 

A simple step, which many people often overlook. Using the correct box is vital when you’re packaging your consignment. Why is this? Well, if you’re packing small objects and placing them in a big box, during transportation, there is a good chance of them rattling. This means your goods will likely be damaged, especially if they’re made of delicate material. 

To avoid this complication, it’s important you’re aware of what objects you want to package and the dangers they possess. For example, if you’re sending sharp or heavy goods it’s important to use the right box that can protect them and handle the weight. . So, choosing and identifying a box that is suitable for your consignment will prevent any harm. 

Recycled paper and cardboard can be used to manufacture more environmentally friendly packaging options. If you want your parcel to be shipped in a box, try to ensure you use one made from recycled cardboard – and if you’re on the receiving end, always make sure you pop it into the recycling bin afterwards.

Brown paper wrapping is also commonly in use when it comes to packaging deliveries, and again, this is something that is both easily recyclable, and widely available made out of sustainable, recycled material.

Wrapping and securing consignment

During transport, consignments are at risk of damage due to uneven roads, acceleration or deceleration of the vehicle, or handling of the delivery. To avoid facing these risks, it’s important the goods are wrapped correctly and secured properly within the vehicle. Firstly, when you place the contents inside the box, you must make sure it cannot move around. During transportation, make sure that the box is placed securely to avoid too much movement. This is a basic task to complete, but if you find yourself unable to do this then we suggest you hire a courier service to move your goods.

 If the objects are fragile then make sure you wrap them up with bubble wrap before placing inside of the box. Bubble wrap is great to use for wrapping your consignments, as they have a unique ability to be lightweight, cost-effective and an excellent insulator against big impacts. Fortunately, bubble wrap is recyclable and reusable too so is often the perfect packaging protection option even if you’re an eco-conscious business.

Also, if your consignment requires any special handling during the delivery, then make sure you add a label for this in a visible area. If you keep this label hidden or it’s the wrong label for it, there is a good chance the package will be handled incorrectly. If your goods are dangerous, then it’s absolutely essential you attach a regulatory label to it!

At EcoSpeed, upon providing you with a bespoke quote, our team shall secure your consignments before its transportation. Our job is to remove any stress or hassle you may have, which is why we take great pride in the services we provide for each customer. 

man scanning parcel

Measuring and weighing shipment

When packaging your consignment, it’s important to measure and weigh it correctly. Too often this is overlooked, but it’s an essential part of getting an accurate quote for transporting your shipment.

It’s fairly simple to complete both tasks, all you need to measure your consignment is a tape measure. Be thorough when you measure so you know the exact measurements of your parcel, this will go a long way as it will determine how your package will be stored during transit. 

To weigh your consignment, you must figure out what scales you need. If you’re transporting a small parcel, then we suggest you use kitchen scales. For large objects, we recommend bathroom scales instead and make sure you weigh the package in grams/kilograms.

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Acquire a courier service

If after reading our key packaging tips you still feel unsure about what is best to package your consignment, then we encourage you to acquire a courier service. Acquiring a courier will relieve any stress you may have about your parcels, and we can’t pick a better company than ourselves. 

At EcoSpeed, we have built a great reputation over the years for being an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and reliable courier service. Our fleet ranges from a standard small van, right up to 18 tonne trucks and larger articulated trucks and HGVs. This enables the provision of delivery services for a hugely varied range of consignment sizes, all from the same provider.

When using a standard delivery company, your consignment will share a delivery vehicle with dozens of others, becoming part of a much larger round with no specific time on when you can expect the delivery to be completed. With our same day courier service, having your package as the only one to be delivered means you can be provided with a much more accurate estimated time of arrival.

If you have found our article insightful or you’re looking to acquire our courier services, get in touch with our team today and they shall provide you with a bespoke quote.

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